Flat Roofing Repair

Houston Flat Roofing & Repair Company

Do you own a flat roof that is already showing signs of damage? If so, Texas Certified Roofing, the best roofing company in Houston, wants to hear from you. We are aware that a flat roof repair can be complicated, especially, if the damage is serious.

Flat Roof Experts in Houston

As a company that has done many flat roof repairs and installations, Texas Certified Roofing is worth your time and money. If you think that your roof’s damage is beyond what you can personally do, we encourage you to seek professional support to avoid hazards like slips and falls.

Our company’s roofers are familiar with flat roof systems. They provide a safe and efficient means of repairing your flat roof. All we need is a quick call from you, and we will listen to you and offer the right advice. Our technical expert will do the following things:

Detecting Various Flat Roof Issues

A leak in the surface of the felt is the most prevalent flat roof problem. It does not always develop right above where the leak appears inside the room. A leak could appear anywhere in the top layer of the felt. Water might get beneath the top layer and then run between layers prior to finding a path through the boarding.

Texas Certified Roofing will send its flat roof experts to you so that they can inspect your flat roof covering. If they find that your roof is totally messed up, with tears and splits scattered over a large part, they will advice you to replace the entire roof.

On the other hand, if our roofing expert finds that your flat roof has small, localized damages they will just do the necessary repairs. Leakage or dampness could be next to the wall or pitched roof. Our expert flat roof technician will find the leak and check the slope of your roof for splits, cracks or blisters.

Cracks are as a result of the movement of the roof structure when the roof expands and contracts because of the sun’s heat. Blisters are on the other hand triggered by trapped moisture or air between the layers of the felt when it is heated by the sun.

Flat Roofing Repair That’s Dependable

We have very educated and experienced roofers who will detect a fault and correct it in the most professional manner. Then they will determine the most appropriate repair for your flat roof damage. We have the best roof repair kits in the industry and we also know how to use them to restore your roof to its original quality. We can also do a whole roof treatment to increase the life of your roof. Our whole roof treatment products can vary including mastic-based, acrylic-based and bitumen-based.

Roofing Services You Can Trust

Texas Certified Roofing deals with flat roof issues on a daily basis. We have a lot of successful past projects that we can use as proof that our service is effective and reliable. We will inspect your flat roof for leaks, blisters, cracks, tears and splits and offer you an affordable repair package. If you want to learn more about our flat roof installation or roof repair service in Houston we can be reached at 1-713-781-8333 today.