Insurance Roof Claims


In order for an insurance roof claim to be filed, your insurance company must first be able to establish a price for roof replacement in your area. If it appears that the roof damage may be related to weather or moisture, our roofing experts will be more than happy to move forward with your insurance company for you.

Texas Certified Roofing will never raise the price of a roofing project, regardless of whether or not the work needed is classified as storm damage. When working with our certified contractors, you receive the highest level of professionalism and workmanship guaranteed from beginning to end.

There are many factors that go into determining the cost for replacement of a roof; two of the primary areas taken into account by our experts will be based on the type of shingle you select, and the area of the roof measured in squares.


How Do Insurance Roof Claims Work?

Now, your insurance company will pay you ACV (actual cash value) on the front end. If your policy allows it, they will even pay you RC benefits after it has been fixed. If you already have a competent roofing company in mind who you would like to use, ask them to provide you with an estimate of the project cost so that you can fax the copy over to your insurance company for them to review. This will allow your company to determine what the difference is in the estimate.

Over the course of our time in this industry, we have run across a number of roofers who did not know how to measure a roof accurately leading to a higher estimate. With your four estimates, we would venture to guess there is about a 10-15% difference in the amount of shingles they will want to put on your roof. To us, that is ridiculous. Your roof, just like your bedroom, is a certain size and does not change. If they measure correctly, then any roofing contractor should measure within 1 square of each other. The flashing, and drip edge if you have any, should be included in the estimate as well. The decking, would not be included if it is rotten or warped due to long term leaking or other similar issues. If the roof damaged was broken (i.e. tree limb falling on or through the roof), then it should be covered and replaced by your insurance.

Keep in mind, your insurance company understands how the game is played during storms and a high volume of claims. Ask your insurance carrier to provide you with a list of names of the top certified roofers in Houston or around your area that can work directly off the estimate they provided you with. If you have any trouble finding a contractor who will work within the price quote, then follow the recommendations mentioned above and hire a roofing company that will work within your insurance budget. The policy must pay you the difference between the ACV and the RC (if your policy provides this benefit). If you secure a signed contract with a roofing a company or contractor, most insurance companies will go ahead and pay the RC benefits on the front end.

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