Duro-Last Contractor

Duro-Last: Known as the World’s Best Roof®

The objective of every roof is to keep the elements out, especially water. Conventional roofing materials do a respectable job, but in the late 1970s, a new concept was invented, which changed everything. Since 1978, over a billion square feet of DuroLast roof membrane have been installed across North America.

A unique aspect of every DuroLast roof is that DuroLast is the only company to offer a roofing solution, which is prefabricated in a controlled factory environment. This means the shape of the membrane and up to 85% of the seams are completed before they arrive at our location. This eliminates the need for on-site fabricating, where problems occur that ultimately result in leaks.

DuroLast roofing comes in three-membrane thickness to meet different roof requirements. They employ a rigid series of in-house quality control measures to ensure every prefabricated roof, which leaves their facility, exceeds industry standards.

Since most of the roof is completed in a controlled environment, each seam can be inspected by us to eliminate the risk of leakage. As a result of this dedication to excellence, Texas Certified Roofing can guarantee a 15-year warranty against consequential damage. By taking advantage of in-house inspections before the roof is even shipped for installation, Texas Certified Roofing all but erases the chance of a problem, which reduces installation time dramatically.

Our commitment to our commercial customers is available to all commercial customers as part of the installation agreement. Texas Certified Roofing does not charge our commercial customers extra to guarantee the quality of your roof. Our certified DuroLast installer can explain the entire process and answer any questions concerning installation, or how this warranty applies.

DuroLast is the largest manufacturer of custom, single-ply roofing in the world. They have six facilities across North America that supply hundreds of roofing contractors. If you’re considering an affordable, low maintenance roofing solution, which is watertight and energy efficient, you owe it to yourself to contact a certified DuroLast roofing contractor today at Texas Certified Roofing.