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Do you have water entering your home from your roof or a damaged skylight? If you’re looking for the top roofing contractor for Houston skylight repair, you’ve come to the right place! Texas Certified Roofing is the trusted roofing company specializing in skylight and roof repairs. We are the top-ranked best roofing company in Houston that boasts several happy clients in Texas.

Houston Skylight Installation & Repairs

Skylight installation is among the most expensive home remodeling projects you may need to have done. So we understand that it can be frustrating when you discover that your skylight is damaged; inevitably causing harm to the interior of your home. Texas Certified Roofing even offers 24/7 emergency skylight and roofing repair services in Houston. We provide the most ideal roofing solutions and have finance programs available for your home or business. At Texas Certified Roofing, we are always ready and on standby for a roofing emergency!



We pride ourselves on providing great customer care service. All you have to do is get in touch with our roofing experts and we will take care of you. We offer the best roofing warranties and will work with your insurance company to get the best results. Our technicians are ready to repair your skylight even if your home is still under warranty from a different contractor. Our experts will inspect the interior of your roof from inside the home, and utilize advanced drone technology to obtain Aeriel views of your exterior roof – which allows us to safely measure the extent of the damage. Our cost of skylight repair will mostly depend on the severity of the damage and the difficulty of accessing it on the roof. Below we’ve listed a few common issues that can be caused by a damaged skylight:


When humid air from inside the house rises, it makes contact with the skylight and causes condensation. Most new homes tend to have a problem with moisture and do not get rid of it until a period of twelve to twenty-four months ends. Although installing humidifiers inside the house can remove some degree of dampness, they are still not enough to prevent damage to the skylight on your roof. This is where Texas Certified Roofing comes in. Our roofer can seal the outside and inside of the skylight to reduce the effects of condensation. In addition, they can install felt paper between the sheathing and flashing to prevent penetration of water or moisture. Again our repair fee is fair and affordable.


This problem is caused by strong UV rays from the sun. These rays trigger ugly yellow spots around the skylight glass over a long period of time. If our technical expert finds this defect they will either replace the discolored glass or clean it with special solutions. They might also layer the glass with a low-emissivity coating to protect it from UV damage. This is probably the cheapest skylight repair project available.


A leak is the leading concern when a skylight becomes damaged. Not only will a leak damage the skylight itself but also the wooden covering on the roof, ceiling, insulation and interior paint. If your skylight is leaking, chances are that your former contractor did bogus flashing installation or they used useless sealants. We at Texas Certified Roofing are interested in assisting you get rid of leaking skylight damage. To determine the price, we will take a look at the height of your roof and pitch. If your roof is too high, it might make the access of the skylight more difficult and riskier.


Hailstones, debris and sun rays can cause cracks on your skylight. A crack cannot be allowed to expand as it will eventually cause a leak which will create a path for moisture to enter the interiors of your home. An older skylight cracked glass (more than ten years old) may need to be replaced as many repairs will be expensive in the long run.


If you have a venting skylight with a manually or electronically raised frame and glass, its motor could fail. Our roofing expert will inspect your skylight’s motor to ascertain whether it is working properly and either replace or repair it.


Is your skylight’s metal frame lifting off of the roof? Or does it appear only partly sealed on to the roof? Unfortunately, this could mean that your skylight was installed incorrectly. A Texas Certified Roofing expert can assess the damage and determine the issue to properly guide you in the right direction.

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