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GAF Sustainability Mission Statement, “As the roofing industry leader, GAF is proud to promote sustainability in all areas of our business. We practice and support new technologies in energy efficiency, material optimization, and recycling that help conserve natural resources, and we share our knowledge to help our contractors, colleagues, and customers do the same.”

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Roofing Solutions

We make strategic efforts to develop sources of supply that include recycled content when these materials meet our specifications and maintain our compliance with codes and standards.

With two zero-waste-to-landfill plants already, GAF’s manufacturing plants make use of the latest technologies.

Lighter, stronger materials mean less product weight and fuel consumption in transit.

The installation of roofing typically generates very little waste.

Many GAF products, such as cool roofing, insulation, and ventilation, help reduce the energy usage of structures over their lifetime.

GAF supplies a wide range of roofing options that are “Solar Ready”!

GAF actively supports the recycling of roofing materials and can often help connect you with construction & demolition waste recyclers near your project.According to the Construction Materials Recycling Association, asphalt is America’s most recycled material, and asphalt shingle and asphaltic membrane roofing and insulation products are increasingly recycled. Contact your GAF Certified Green Roofer to explore roofing recycling options.

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